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What Do Women Want In A Man?

It’s a question that has been asked and analyzed many times. What are women attracted to most? Looks? Strength? Money? The answers came out in a recent study, and some of them might surprise you. They certainly surprised me. In no particular order, here are some qualities that topped the list:

  • Women love men who get emotional about sports. According to relationship expert David Wygant, women would rather see men get “sappy” over their favorite team than never see them act emotional. Because it shows that they’re capable of expressing sensitivity and passion. And that makes women feel more connected to them.
  • A man obsessed with gadgets. The catch is this: he has to know how to use them. Because when a guy can fix his girlfriend’s computer, it’s a sign of intelligence. And women tend to feel protected and safe when someone’s taking care of their needs.
  • Guys who communicate – even without saying a word. Let’s face it, guys aren’t well known for long talks about feelings. Relationship expert Dr. Emerson Eggerichs says men tend to cringe when they hear the word “communicate.” He says it’s because they think it means having long, drawn-out conversations about emotions. But the reality is that, from the time they’re babies, studies show that girls are more likely than boys to connect with people by making eye contact. So, Dr. Eggerich says women are primed to communicate by standing face-to-face, holding hands, and looking into your eyes. No long conversations necessary.
  • Guys who have an artistic side. Studies show that creative types – like artists and musicians – tend to have more romantic relationships than people with non-creative jobs. And that’s true whether you’re a “starving artist,” or an accountant who plays sax on the side. Psychologists say it’s because creative people tend to be charismatic, and women dig guys who use art to express their passion.
  • Women don’t want a guy who waxes his chest. According to anthropologists, women like men with hairy bodies, because it subconsciously communicates good health and hormones. Guys, that’s a free pass to skip all the pain and suffering!

Rest assured gentlemen, it’s no longer all about the tall, dark and handsome stranger. Many women are looking for something outside the box and they all have different tastes. So, while you may not fit the mold for some, you might be a perfect fit for one.